Gas Station Industry Tips:


Who purchases gasoline?

Woman 56%

Men 44%


Who purchase gasoline (USA Region)?

South 81%

North 58%

West 59%

East 45%

MidWest 66%


What types of payment are used to purchase?

Debit Card 57%

Major Credit Cards 34%

Branded Gas Cards 18%

Other 1%


How often does gasoline buyers visit and purchase something from the convenience store?

All the time 3%

Almost everytime 16%

Sometime 49%

Seldom 38%

Never 7%


Other locations to purchase gasoline?

Gas Stations 47%

Mas Merchandisers (eg Walmart, Kmart) 18%

Warehouse Clubs (eg. Costco, Sams) 16%

Supermarkets (eg. Albertsons, Safeway) 12%

Drugstores (eg. Walgreens) 7%


A list of merchandise that is purchased in a convenience store by customers.

Sodas 45%

Candy/Gum 41%

Salty Snacks 35%

Fountain/Frozen Drinks 30%

Hot Drinks 30%

Dairy Products 30%

Cigarettes 29%

Fast Food 25%

Beer/Wine 19%


The most popular gasoline purchased at gas stations!

Unleaded Regualr 87%

Premium Unleaded 9%

Super Unleaded 4%

Diesel 1%



gas station manual

What To Put In A Gas Station Business Plan?

*Don't under or over estimate
your forecasted gas station financials.

*Include an Exit Strategy

*Include your startup gas station expenses, a 3 to 5 year financial gas station profit revenue increase

*Show the invester how and when will they receive their invested money

*Include the risk factors and the positive advantages of investing in a gas station business (show proven facts that in a recession proof economy how there will always be a need for a gas station business)

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Whether you own a gas station business or plan to start a gas station, you will find our gas station guide/manual/book to be extremely helpful and valuable.

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Once you read our gas station guides, your knowledge of the gas station business marketplace, environment, polices, regulations, gas station start up costs, as well as your comfort level with the gas station buying and operational process will greatly increase.




Some Gas Station Information & Topics Discussed in the Gas Station Guide:

Gas station managment

Gas station business plan

Gas station software

How to own a gas station

How to buy a gas station

How to find a gas station

How to run a gas station

How to manage a gas station

How to start a gas station

How to open a gas station

Service station management

Oil and gas management

Gas station statistics

Gas station financing

Building a gas station versus buying a gas station



Gas station franchise opportunities

Car wash business

Convenience store business

Fuel management System

Gas station manager duties

Gas station financials

Gas station profit margin

Pros and cons of owning a gas station

How much does a gas station cost

Gas station manager

Gas station requirements

Purchasing a gas station in the right location

Gas station buying tips

Gas station business plan samples

Gas station equipment

Gas station supplies

Gas station expenses

Gas station due diligence

Gas station employees job descriptions

Environmental issues and concerns

What to put in your gas station business plan

Gas station resource directory

Gas station startup costs

Buying a gas station with a car wash and convenience store

Gas station supplies

...and much more!






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