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My Gas Station Guide

by J. Amer
Overview - A Complete easy-to-follow gas station start up guide/manual on how to locate, buy, start, run, and manage your own gas station business. A gas station book you will turn back to again and again.
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More About The Gas Station Book

  • Product: My Gas Station Guide 
  • Author: J.Amer
  • Book Format: Paperback Version & E-Book Version Available
  • Language: English
  • Content Pages: 75
  • Dimensions: 8.5 wide x 11 tall
  • Published: New Edition [July 2013]
  • Priority Shipping: Free 2 to 5 business days

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Whether you own a gas station business, or you plan to buy, build and operate one you will find this gas station guide to be extremely valuable. 


Topics discussed in "My Gas Station Guide":

  • Is the Gas Station Business right for you?

  • Test your Gas Station ownership potential 

  • Learn revenue earnings a year for a Gas Station Owner

  • Find out who are your Gas Station customers

  • Learn what your Gas Station customers really want!

  • Gas Station daily operational and managerial routine

  • Why invest in the Gas Station Business

  • Oil Franchise Companies liquid funds and franchise requirements

  • Independent Gas Stations

  • Franchised Gas Stations

  • Corporate Gas Stations

  • Commissioned Gas Stations

  • Identifying and avoiding costly Gas Station pitfalls

  • Learn different ways for financing your Gas Station Business

  • Help writing your Gas Station Business objectives/goals/mission statements

  • Learn what investors are really looking for in your Gas Station Business Plan

  • Gas Station Business Plan outline example and the importance of each section

  • Gas Station Business Plan Confidential Agreement samples

  • Learn the different reasons why Gas Station owners sell their business

  • Gas Station Business Due Diligence Checklist

  • How to ensure success when shopping for an investor, lender or bank

  • Setting up your Gas Station Business legal structure 

  • Find out what is the most challenging obstacles a Gas Station owners face - learn how to deal and overcome them successfully

  • Gas Station Security Measures 

  • Employee Recruitment, Job Descriptions, Work Duties, Hourly Rates and Shift Schedules

  • How to avoid employee theft

  • Gas Station Business Management and Personal

  • Gas Station Administrative Organization

  • Gas Station Location Scouting, analyst and worksheets

  • Gas Station Business sales summary, estimates and assumptions

  • Gas Station Target Market and Competitor Evaluation worksheets

  • Gas Station Business merchandise mix

  • Gas Station Marketing strategies - including grand opening tips and ideas

  • Tips for managing your finances

  • How to avoid Gas Station Business failure

  • Keeping track of your Gas Station revenue

  • Gas Station pump usage chart

  • Learn the pros and cons of buying s building your first Gas Station

  • Gas Station Advertising Plan and Promotional Methods and Ideas

  • Pre-purchase Gas Station Evaluation Checklist and Procedure

  • Gas Station Buyers Checklist

  • How to close your Gas Station Business deal

  • Environmental Compliance and regulations

  • Liabilities and Legal Structure

  • Safety Precautions

  • Exterior and Interior Image Maintenance

  • Gas Station Franchisee requirements

  • Major pluses and minuses of being a franchisee

  • How to Protect your Investment

  • Avoiding Vandals and Thieves

  • Escrow Fees

  • Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations (direct mail, door to door marketing, etc)

  • Gas Station Operating Expenses  (Royalties, Advertising, Uniforms, Utilities,

    Supplies, Accounting, Telephone, Maintenance, Insurance, Payroll, Payroll Taxes, Workers Compensation, Recycling Fees, Security Camera Expenses

  • How to choose the right Oil franchise company that's right for you

  • Car Wash Profit Margin, Operating Expenses, and Cost of Goods Sold

  • Gasoline Profit Margin, Operating Expenses, and Cost of Goods Sold

  • Auto Repair Profit Margin, Operating Expenses, and Cost of Goods Sold

  • Express Lube Profit Margin, Operating Expenses, and Cost of Goods Sold

  • Convenience Store Profit Margin, Operating Expenses, and Cost of Goods Sold

    (Lottery, Air/Water, Pay Phone, ATM)

  • Helpful Gas Station Resources, associations, publications and websites to 

    further assist you towards your Gas Station Business Venture



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Whether you own a gas station business or plan to start a gas station, you will find our gas station guide\manual\book to be extremely helpful and valuable.

You don't have to be a gas station expert to read our gas station guides! It's that simple!

The gas station guides were written in a very easy to read format uncomplicated, simplified, clearly written with space to add your own notes.

Our goal was to make the gas station guides:

* very straightforward

* with step-by-step formulas

* easy to follow paragraphs

* clearly and simply explained with work templates and bullet points

Once you read our gas station guides, your knowledge of the gas station business marketplace, environment, polices, regulations, gas station start up costs, as well as your comfort level with the gas station buying and operational process will greatly increase.




Some Gas Station Information Topics Discussed in the Gas Station Guide:

Gas station managment

Gas station business plan

Gas station software

How to own a gas station

How to buy a gas station

How to find a gas station

How to run a gas station

How to manage a gas station

How to start a gas station

How to open a gas station

Service station management

Oil and gas management

Gas station statistics

Gas station financing

Building a gas station versus buying a gas station



Gas station franchise opportunities

Car wash business

Convenience store business

Fuel management System

Gas station manager duties

Gas station financials

Gas station profit margin

Pros and cons of owning a gas station

How much does a gas station cost

Gas station manager

Gas station requirements

Purchasing a gas station in the right location

Gas station buying tips

Gas station business plan samples

Gas station equipment

Gas station supplies

Gas station expenses

Gas station due diligence

Gas station employees job descriptions

Environmental issues and concerns

What to put in your gas station business plan

Gas station resource directory

Gas station startup costs

Buying a gas station with a car wash and convenience store

Gas station supplies

...and much more!






The gas station guides arrived fast and they even paid for the shipping and provided a tracking number. I would shop at again for gas station industry related books.
- M.B, Florida
I read about how to buy, locate, start and run a gas station business.
- F.H, New Jersey
I learnt more about the gas station business reading about problems actual gas station owners had and how they fixed the situation. I also became aware of gas station start up cost estimates, gas station franchise information, lease, broker, and gas station loan requirements.
-M.O, Arizona
I was surprised. The gas station business buying guide was quite useful. I read it in under an hour , the book is like a workbook. I wrote down notes I could remember in the future. I was informed about the risks of building and buying a gas station, gas station equipment, gas station franchise requirements, gas station profits, and gas station revenue earnings.
- N.D, Toronto
This gas station book paid for itself over and over again. I learnt about gas station equipment, gas station supplies, gas station start up costs, gas station financials, gas station profit margins, how to manager a gas station, how to buy a gas station and other topics regarding the gas station industry.
- K.F California
Now I know how much money I need in my bank account before applying to a gas station franchise company.
- N.C, Texas
I downloaded the gas station ebook which was a better option for me. Quick and I was able to read the gas station manual immediately on my Ipad.
- D.F, Australia

The gas station manual was quite informative. There's ample space to take notes after each section. It's in such an easy readable format. Not complicated at all to read and understand.
- S.B, London

Plenty of insider tips on gas station management, how to buy a gas station, gas station software, gas station franchise opportunities with the big boys.
- E.E, North Carolina
I was looking at so many gas station blogs and websites collecting gas station information, but this gas station book has alot of the gas station information your looking for on the internet in one manual.
- A.F, Texas
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